ANNOUNCEMENT: Sports with Nick national website to launch with new schedule

I am very excited and happy to announce that Sports with Nick (led by yours truly, Nick Friend) will be officially launching its national platform May 31, 2017. After over three years covering Boston sports (October 2013 – mid May 2017) I am very excited to take on the next challenge in my career. For those of you who didn’t follow my Boston website, I look forward to bringing my honest, blunt, and unique perspectives to the national level. You can follow us on Twitter (@sportswithnickn) or Facebook (Sports with Nick) to find all content. However, the easiest place to find it will be right here. What is the content? Podcasts, videos, articles, and live streams can all be found here on a weekly basis. Here is the schedule (subject to change) that we will be following:


-Podcast (Audio/Visual)


-Article (Five thoughts from the weekend)


-Podcast (Audio/Visual)



-Podcast (Audio/Visual)

-LIVE show (one or two hours)



-Podcast (Audio/Visual)



While this will usually be my one day off a week, if there is a big playoff game or something to that magnitude, I will work this day.


-Podcast (Audio/Visual)



-Live show (two hours)

-Video or “Sunday special” (Podcast)

All the content will be posted right here on However, podcasts can also be found on iTunes (‘Sports with Nick’ – just audio) or on YouTube (link below – visual). The videos can also be found on our YouTube page. The article will just be posted here. The live streams will be LIVE on YouTube and posted after the fact in a condensed version here.

If we find the need to change or adjust any of this based on feedback we will. There are probably going to be some announcements with people being added to the team as time goes along, but nothing official yet.

I can not wait to get started tomorrow!


Founder – Nick Friend

YouTube –

Facebook –

Twitter – @sportswithnickn

Email –


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