Five quick-hit thoughts from the NBA Draft – Article

1) Butler to Minnesota is a steal

I mean seriously, a draft pick from a year ago (Kris Dunn) who didn’t live up to the hype? The seventh overall pick which is a crap shoot. Other than LaVine’s upside, I just don’t feel like this is enough for a team that is clearly entering a full rebuild. Can I remind you that Butler is someone who still has a couple years left on his contract, is an All-Star, a true competitor, and is only 27-years-old? Butler obviously really wanted out because this move doesn’t make much sense for the Bulls. Even if he really wanted out, force him to stay because there is no rush. Oh, and that seventh overall pick? They picked a big man (they need shooting) who can’t rebound and defend…nice.

For the Timberwolves, I love this move. Again, a couple years being left on his contract is big. While he isn’t going to the heart of basketball country, a team with Wiggins, Towns, and Butler is a team to watch; certainly better than the Bulls last year. I could also see Butler liking the fact that he can be a role model for the much younger Wiggins and Towns. While Minnesota is still clearly no where near the Warriors or Cavs, they are probably a playoff team and have a ton of upside going forward.

2) What in the world are the Knicks doing?

I get what happened with Porzingis, but Frank Ntilikina is another project from oversees who has a a 57 percent chance of being a bust according to ESPN. On top of that, you have further aggravated your 21-year-old star after admitting that your team was taking calls on trade offers…good job Phil. I mean why would you want a more established point guard in Smith from N.C. State or another big to go next to the “Unicorn” in Zach Collins? I am running out of words to describe what in the world the Knicks are doing. I mean, I guess New York fans can rejoice in the fact the Porzingis is till there…for now.

3) Philly and the Lakers don’t surprise anyone

Sometimes teams can overthink things to such an extant that they end up doing something they shouldn’t. That was not the case tonight for the 76ers or L.A. who took the players they have been projected to take: Fultz and Ball. Remember all that talk about the Lakers not being sold on Ball? It looks to be exactly what I thought it was: just fodder for us media and to make the Ball family sweat a bit. I have been on record saying that Ball will end up being a better player than Fultz, but it is still hard not to like what you are seeing from the 76ers.

4) Players going to NBA blackholes

To see two young players, that I personally like, in De’Aaron Fox and Jonathan Isaac going to Sacramento and Orlando is just flat out sad to see. Both have a great, energetic personality who have a ton of upside and get rewarded by going to two towns where NBA isn’t among the top five things to do? This is why I have repeatedly said, if I was a prospect in any sport, I would want to fall to more of an established organization. I get that they are excited, but years of work to go to Sacramento and Orlando? Hopefully they can overcome it because scenery matter.

5) Just another year of rumors

I continue to be frustrated by the lack of direction Boston is showing. Are they trying to contend now or just build through the draft? Reportedly they are the favorite still to get Hayward in free agency which I like. However, if that is your plan, why not trade the assets you have for Butler to truly contend with the Cavs? The Celtics still have one foot in the present and one foot in the future which sounds nice, but has never worked in the NBA. If Boston picked one route, they would be in a better place. It is almost like Danny Ainge is afraid to fully commit to one direction which is never a good thing.

-Article by Nick Friend

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