It’s not what you want to hear, but Steph Curry earning 201 million is a bargain – Article

Just based on this title, the majority of you are probably already dismissing my perspective, but just give it a shot. I know someone, anyone, who makes 201 million dollars over the course of five years is going to make you uncomfortable. When you add on top of it the fact that he plays basketball for a living, you are probably even more uncomfortable. You start thinking about the teachers, rescue works, and therapists who are all underpaid. You proceed to put on your activist hat and say, “THIS IS OUTRAGES.” You tell your friends and family and they all same the same thing. And let me guess, you probably feel a little better after ranting about it, but Steph Curry is still going to make 40 million a year.

What you probably didn’t stop to think about was why someone who plays in a basketball league is getting boatloads of money. The answer is you. That is right, you reading this, I am calling you out. Your friends, family and foes too are all reasons why Curry is a very rich man. Whether we like to admit it or not, we care more about sports than people (teachers, rescue workers, therapists) who help others. Oh, and don’t try and deny it because it is true. Turn on your TV at any given moment and you will see a minimum of six channels dedicated to sports: ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN News, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, and NBC Sports. How many stations are there to cover people that help others. You know how some local news channels will end an hour show with a “happy” story? Well guess what, there is a reason that is at the end. Because it doesn’t drive ratings.

We have watched sports so much, that the NFL made nine billion last year, the NBA and MLB made six, and NHL made four billion dollars. Now let me get this straight, you are uncomfortable with Curry making 40 million next year!? You mean one of the top three faces in the NBA as well as all of sports? That guy? You do realize that, that means you are ok with Curry — someone who drives millions to the TV screen and seats inside stadiums each year — with just making less than one percent of what the NBA makes in a year. Oh and the team he plays for, the Warriors, yea their franchise value has gone from 450 million to 2.6 billion since he arrived. Let’s remember one percent of the revenue is what he makes for that. Now do you believe that he makes too little? If you do, you just need a lesson in fairness.

If you want to get angry and frustarted about this that if fine, but don’t blame the athletes, general mangers, coaches or owners. Instead, blame yourself, family, friends, and foes who all watch sports. It isn’t athletes that decide how much they get paid, it is you, so look yourself in the mirror.

-Article by Nick Friend


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