Yes, NFL players are underpaid – Article

I know, I know, another money topic that makes people really uncomfortable. It is understandable too, you probably don’t want to hear complaining from athletes who makes millions playing a sport discussing how they are underpaid; so allow me to do it for them. A big question that has been raised with the continued unforeseen contracts in the NBA is, “Are NFL players underpaid?” Can we stop asking that as a question? This shouldn’t even be debate.

Let me ask you this, what is the most popular sport in America? Football, America’s true pass time…sorry baseball. The NFL made 13 billion dollars last year alone while the NBA made five billion and their players are getting paid way more. If the salaries were close, I would probably say, “fine” but they aren’t. Not only are NBA players getting paid more, they are earning more guaranteed dollars in their contracts. Pretty much all the top players in the NBA have a hundred percent guaranteed salary while NFL payers are extremely lucky to have 60 percent of their money secured. The highest paid NFL player based on guaranteed money throughout their contract is Andrew Luck with 87 million dollars which puts him pretty much in the same exact spot as DeAndre Jordon. Are you really going to try and argue that, that is fair?

Yes I know, I know, there is more players on an NFL roster than NBA. But what if I told you it is just three and half times larger while the NFL’s “salary cap” is 60 times larger according to Fox Sports? Here is the real problem however, the NFL Players Association just hasn’t fought enough for fair compensation of the players. I mean, in 2011 it was agreed that the players would get 48.5 percent of the league’s revenue which has declined to 47.2 in 2016. Yes you read that right, decline. What kind of negotiator would agree to that? Isn’t it basic negotiating tactics to have something improve throughout a deal? And oh yea by the way, that 2011 agreement was singed through 2020 so things are only going to get worse.

And I know, I know, this is the type of deal structure the NFLPA agreed to so they should have to follow through on it; I agree with that. However, it doesn’t negate the fact that their players are significantly under paid and they need someone new to negotiate these deals. I mean the average salary of an NFL QB — the most important position in the game — is four and a half million while NBA centers — that position that doesn’t mean as much anymore — are pulling in a mean of nine million. I mean again, this isn’t even close. The list goes on and on of examples I could give to you, I mean is this really even a debate anymore? It shouldn’t be. Again, I know someone making that much money, never mind them complaining about it, makes you uncomfortable or mad, but don’t argue against someone getting what should be theirs.

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-Article by Nick Friend

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