Why Michael Vick’s comments about Colin Kaepernick are right – Article

“The first thing we got to do is get Colin to cut his hair. I don’t think he should represent himself in that way in terms of the hair style; just go clean cut. You are already dealing with a lot.” Those are the words spoken by Michael Vick on Fox Sports 1 yesterday. Within minutes, the activist police on Twitter, Facebook, and any other platform you want to name were out calling Vick’s comments preposterous, disgraceful, ect.

I know what I am about to say isn’t what you want to hear, but his comments about Kaepernick were dead on. What makes me even more sure about this, is everyone’s reaction to Vick’s comments. It let’s me know that he has struck an emotional cord with a lot of people because deep down, most people know it’s true. And I get it, it makes you uncomfortable. Hell it makes me uncomfortable, but it is the truth.

I hate to break it to you, but it is 2017 and people judge others based on their appearance every day whether you know it or not. Why do you think many people on TV that are in the news or sports arena wear suits and ties or professional dresses. Because you judge them based on their appearance. Why do you go into that job interview dressed nicely too? You guessed, presentation matters.

The same goes for Colin Kaepernick. Whether you think it is right or wrong, many people already can’t stand the guy because of kneeling/sitting during the national anthem which is on the list of reasons why he currently doesn’t have a job. Adding  an unconventional appearance on top of that doesn’t help. Now, if Kaepernick cut his hair would he have a job right away? No, but it would be a step in the right direction as uncomfortable as that makes us.

If he was in the same stratosphere as a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers, Kaepernick would be able to have an afro and dye it neon green and it wouldn’t be looked at in a negative light. But unfortunately for all of us, Kapernick isn’t another Rodgers, he is someone who deserves an NFL job but isn’t in the top 20 at his position. Then, when you add many fans being mad about his protest and the look and the average play on the field it leads to him still not having a job. Do I think it is sad and pathetic that he has to do this? Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean Vick’s comments are wrong.

The other point I heard a lot this morning is people calling Kaepernick a “sellout” if he does cut his hair. This is the preposterous comment. A sellout, really? What has Kaepernick been working towards since he was a very young kid? To be an NFL player, not an activist. If he has to shave his head in order to help get him back there, you all are really going to blame him for that? I have never understood calling people a sellout if it helps them reach their dream….it is called sacrifice.

Lastly, can we please stop calling Vick a hypocrite. What the ex-NFL QB was doing was giving advice as someone who went through a more serious situation and what he wishes he did differently. Yes, he had funky hair styles himself and that is why Vick vocalized what he did.

As Vick said, Kaepernick already has a ton working against him and he doesn’t need anything else doing the same. There is a reason most of the most popular athletes don’t have crazy haircuts…because of us. What really disappointed me today, was not Vick’s comments, but rather the media and general response to this. Instead of even considering it — not even agreeing, just thinking critically about it — many chose to take the easy and popular way out by disagreeing with Vick. All I am saying, is the hair certainly doesn’t help.

Coming from a guy who sported a weak afro himself back in the day:


-Article by Nick Friend

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