Tom Brady has several years left and won’t finish in a Patriots’ uniform – Article

Today the greatest quarterback of all-time turned 40-years-old. That of course being the great Tom Brady. On September 29, 2014 was when Brady’s longevity really became a question. After a 41-14 loss to the Kansas Chiefs in game that Brady threw two interceptions in, Pro Football Focus (a very well respected website) wrote the following:

“Brady is no longer an elite quarterback…Peyton Manning is the standard by which all quarterbacks are measure.”

Now, just a mere 1,039 days later and counting, the Patriots’ QB continues to prove many of you wrong who thought he was in great decline back then. Last year he had the highest completion percentage of his career since 2007. For someone to be as good as they were at 30 as they were at 39 last season is unheard which is exactly why I think Tom Brady can break the norm.

When you go back through the history of the NFL, most quarterbacks start to see a dramatic decline at the age 40 or 41 if it didn’t happen before then. If there is on guy who can do it, it is the guy that has avocado ice cream and treats his body better than pretty much anyone else on this planet. I mean last time I checked I thought tomatoes were good for you, but Tom Brady doesn’t eat them because they cause inflammation. If you eat that way for a long enough period of time, and train the way he does, I do believe it can prolong the inevitable: his eventual decline.

Tom Brady will still be elite this year and be very good next year. That’s right, I am predicting two more full seasons before we truly start to see the signs of decline. The only reason I am slightly hesatente about saying he will still be in the league in three years has nothing to do with on the field, but rather with his home life. We have all heard by now what his wife, Giselle, said about her husband’s head injuries. What if all of a sudden she just says ‘I want you to stop playing?’ You know what they say, right?  Happy wife, happy life. Never underestimate the power of the wife. You add on top of this him saying to ESPN last year that this kids have grown up faster than he thought, and I wonder if he won another ring this year what we would do.

However, assuming that the home life doesn’t keep him at home forever after this season, I think he is going to find himself in another uniform. Brady has been asked about finishing his career in a Patriots’ uniform multiple times and has always said that he would love to, but understands the reality of the situation:

“Well everybody’s circumstances are different, and the NFL is very unpredictable. Pro sports in general, they’re all unpredictable,” Brady said in his weekly radio interview back in 2014. “If Michael Jordan could end on another team and if Joe Montana could end on another team and if LeBron James could switch teams, you look at all these phenomenal players that have always switched teams. Now my goal is certainly not to do that, but those things aren’t always in my control.”

And if there is one guy who would have the guts and backing to get rid of the greatest to ever play the most important position in football, it is Bill Belichick. The saying, ‘In Bill We Trust’ is loud and rapid among Pats’ fans. And from having a Boston show for three and a half years before this national one, I can tell you it would pain Patriots’ fans, but they would ultimately support the move because of the faith in Belichick.

Let’s also not forget the reason this is even a conversation, the Patriots have Jimmy Garoppolo just quietly sitting in the wings waiting to take over. There has been growing rumors that the Pats really like him and think he could be the next franchise guy. The one thing we all know is if you don’t have the franchise QB, you are irrelevant. The Patriots being irrelevant isn’t something Belichick or New England owner Robert Kraft are going to accept. As hard as it might be for both of them, they will embrace the next ten years under Garoppolo if they believe he is ‘the guy’  instead of two or three behind Brady. Buckle up Pats’ fans, it is going to be a wild ride.

-Article by Nick Friend 

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