The Jets won’t go 0-16…right? – Article

In the latest episode in the series of unfortunate events for the Jets is their number one wide receiver, Quincy Enunwa, is out for the season with a neck injury. Leaving the wide receiver “core” to guys like Charone Peake (young with upside, but who knows), Marquess Wilson, and Robby Anderson. Make no mistake about it, while Enunwa isn’t considered a top-tier wide receiver, he is big loss for the Jets. Well, as big of a loss for a team with no expectations.

Now, as I sit back and really start to evaluate this Jets’ roster, I truly believe a winless season is in play. I know, I know, only four teams in the history of the NFL have gone winless and the last to do it was the Detroit Lions in 2008. It is way more likely that a team will win a game during the course of the season as we saw with last year’s Cleveland Browns. But if there is a team that can be that pitifully bad, it’s this New York Jets team.

For and foremost, the Jets have a quarterback in Josh McCown that probably shouldn’t even be in the league never mind as a start. In the past 12 years, McCown has only played one season with double-digit games played. Just think about that for a minute. I didn’t say games started, I said games played. Only appearing in ten games is 62.5 percent of the season and now that guy is somehow the starter of the New York Jets…look out below.

Then when you look at who he has to trow to, it gets even worse. We already addressed the wide receiver group, but unfortunately for McCown, the tight end grouping isn’t much better. Austin Seferian-Jenkins, who isn’t anything special, was suppose to be New York’s number one tight end until he was suspended two games for violating the substance abuse policy. Who knows if he will be able to come back and be efficient which leaves the Jets with Braedon Bowman, Eric Tomlinson, and a fifth-round draft pick.

Now the defense, the defense can’t be much worse right? Well actually right, but it is still an ugly picture. This defense is filled with a whole bunch of average players. To such an extent, that not one, not one single player on the D, ranks within the top 100 at their position. Yes guys like Leonard Williams and Sheldon Richardson are decent, but neither are anything special.

Then once you look at the secondary they have backing them up, they look even more average. The Jets starting cornerbacks are Buster Skrine and Morris Claiborne. I literally can not say that without laughing. Oh and by the way, the two safeties are likely to be rookies so it isn’t like there is any experience in the secondary either.

Now as bad as this roster is, we are talking about 0-16. Are they really bad enough to go 0-16? And my answer is yes. I look at their schedule and only see two teams they have a shot against: Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.17.26 PM.png

The only teams they have a prayer against are the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns. The Bills are in their division and aren’t exactly anything to write home about either so maybe they can steal one there. Or maybe they can beat the pitifully, but mildly improved Browns team. If they don’t, New England, New Orleans, Kansas City, Carolina, Tampa Bay, and Atlanta…are you kidding me? Mind you, I am not as high on New Orleans, Atlanta, or Kansas City as other people are, but they will humiliate the Jets.

Oh and to make matters worse, the QB they are tanking for in the 2018 draft, Sam Darnold, sent a clear message to the Jets not too long ago:

“I don’t think any team should tank their season because of me.”

All I can say is good luck Jets, you are going to need it.

-Article by Nick Friend

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