Yes, the NFL got it right with Ezekiel Elliott – Article

The majority of you think Zeke was over punished according to Twitter polls, talking to people, and seeing the media’s general reaction. I know, I know, the easy thing to do is to hate on the NFL. Just admit it, you love to do it. We see it on full display every single year at the NFL Draft and we are now seeing the latest example of that with Zeke Elliott being suspended six games for domestic violence.

The reality is you are being completely hypocritical if you believe the NFL was too harsh. The reaction to Ray Rice and Josh Brown being suspended two for their domestic violence incidents was outrage. How could they not get more with the evidence so obvious? Now we go switching our minds as soon as the NFL follows their new domestic violence policy that says a first offense is six games?

The second major problem people seem to have with this suspension is they don’t believe there is enough evidence against Zeke. Really? What more do you need? First and foremost I will remind you of these pictures and the 911 call that was released. You are going to tell me that, that 911 call was all fabricated? Then why on the first day of the alleged three-day spree did Ms. Thompson (after Elliott injured her arms, neck, and shoulders) text her aunt pictures of the injures with one word: “Abusive?” Why on the second day when Elliott (according to the NFL’s leak report) caused injuries to her arms, wrist, and hands, text her mother pictures? Are you really trying to tell me she lied to law enforcement, her aunt, and her mom? If you somehow answered yes to all the above, let’s move onto more evidence…

During the NFL’s investigation, they brought in a panel to get their opinion on whether or not it is likely Zeke committed these acts of violence. These people included:

  • Peter Harvey: Former U.S. Attorney General for New Jersey
  • Tonya Lovelace: CEO of Women of Color Network
  • Mary Jo White: Former U.S. Attorney and Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission

You mean to tell me that Mr. Harvey and Ms. White both came to the same conclusion with their experience and got it wrong? The NFL also interviewed “dozen of witnesses” and examined thousands of texts messages during their investigation. Don’t you think that if Zeke was truly incident there would be something in their to exonerate him?

There is just way too much evidence to not think he did something. However, if I put that aside for a moment and try to give this young man the benefit of the doubt, I can’t. This is the same guy who lifted up a women’s top at a St. Patrick’s Day parade. As the NFL said in their report:

“You should understand, however, that your behavior during this event was inappropriate and disturbing, and reflected a lack of respect for women.”

Damn right it did. If you are willing to expose a women in public and think it is ok, why should I believe you don’t think the same about hitting her? Plus, if it was so clear and you know you are innocent like you say you are, how come you delayed getting paperwork that the NFL needed for their investigation for six months according to ESPN?

We could debate it all day long. I think there is enough evidence to say it is more probable than not that Elliott committed this crime. And I will remind you, this isn’t the court of law so more probable than not (the same standard used in the Tom Brady suspension) is good enough.

Honestly, I hope this is a wake up call for Zeke. He was found in incidents he shouldn’t of been involved in way too often. If Elliott doesn’t learn, one of the faces of the league could quickly turn into a horror story. We can all hope that now it doesn’t, right?

-Article by Nick Friend

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