NFL Week 5 Power Rankings

1) Kansas City Chiefs (Last week: 2nd = +1)

I literally can not stand putting the Chiefs a top of this list because I know it is only a matter of time until they let me and everyone else down. With that said, it’s hard to argue right now that they aren’t the best team in football. Keep in mind, they have all the looks of a Super Bowl caliber team: solid defense, top 10 offensive line, good receiving core, and a young, uber productive running back.

Step back from all of that and you will realize they still have Alex Smith as their QB and Andy Reid as their head coach which isn’t a winning solution. The callapse of the Chiefs is eventually going to happen. It might take a couple weeks, or maybe till the first weekend of playoff games, but it’s going to happen. For now, they sit atop the NFL world until I am proven right.

2) Atlanta Falcons (Last week: 1st = -1)

It was a bad loss against the Bills; no two ways about it. However, let’s remember they started off last season 4-2 as well. A perfectly timed bye week is in place for them now, and assuming they take care of business against Miami in week 6, we will be back to talking about them as a top-of-the-league team as they prepare to face the Patriots in week 7.

My concern, and what should be on the mind of every Atlanta fan, is that Matt Ryan — even if just for a week — looked like the quarterback that we have seen throughout most of his career and not the MVP season of last year. If that continues, they will be in trouble, but for now, I still have faith that they will rebound.

3) Green Bay Packers (Last week: 6th = +3)

I am not a big fan of this Packers team at all, but with the Patriots and Cowboys losing last week they slid into the top three. I will say it again, without Aaron Rodgers the Packers are one of the worst team in the league. Right now he was them clicking heading into a very interesting matchup against the Cowboys this week.

4) Denver Broncos (Last week: 9th = +5)

In order to beat this year’s Denver team, you have to have a very good defense of your own and right now the Broncos have yet to face that outside of the Bills. It is still early, but this defense looks very similar to the one that earned them a Super Bowl ring just a couple years ago.

My concerns raise when I see their offense. It has to eventually cost them, right? I don’t think games against the Giants and Chargers will let us know the answer to that question…yet.

5) Detroit Lions (Last week: 7th = +2)

After last weeks heartbreaking loss to the Falcons, they could have come up with excuses and lost to a subpar Vikings team. While their performance was anything but convincing, the Lions still went on the road and beat a top 10 defense which is impressive in itself.

To be clear, I certainly don’t view the Lions as a real long-term threat in the NFC, but they are a lot better than I thought.

Rest of my top ten:

6) Pittsburgh Steelers (Last week: NR)

7) New England Patriots (Last week: 4th = -3) 

8) Dallas Cowboys (Last week: 3rd = -5)

9) Philadelphia Eagles (Last week: NR)

10) Washington Redskins (Last week: NR)

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-Article by Nick Friend

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