NFL Week 6 Power Rankings

1) Kansas City Chiefs (Last week: 1 = E)

I know, and any educated football fan knows, that this isn’t sustainable. And trust me, I get it, it is really tempting to buy into this team because the fit the part of a Super Bowl contender in a lot of way: QB performing at an MVP level, good defense, and plenty of offensive weapons. Eventually, like they did the past two years after five and ten game winning streaks, they will falter and do nothing in the playoffs.

Right now, they look great and have had four out of their five wins games against legit teams: Patriots, Eagles, Redskins and Texans. Right now, there should be no question about who the best team in the NFL is; just remember how this will end.

2) Atlanta Falcons (Last week: 2 = E)

Despite being on a bye week and losing to the Bills in their last game, no one did enough to push them down the list. I get it, they looked real bad in a lot of ways against Buffalo, but it is one game. Plus, it was their offense that struggled in that game which can only be held down for so long…as long as Matt Ryan isn’t the issue.

3) Green Bay Packers (Last week: 3 = E)

The greatest one-man team off all time continues. I mean, what else can I say? I have raved about it all week long: Rodgers has been insane and has cemented himself as a top five QB…ever.

If I am the NFL I am terrified after this week, not because of Aaron Rodgers, well all know (hopefully) just how special he is, but because the Packers may have finally found that running game they have been looking for in Aaron Jones. I don’t see Minnesota or New Orleans in the next couple of weeks slowing down the greatest individual on turf.

4) Denver Broncos (Last week: 4 = E)

The Broncos had a bye week and go right into another against the Giants this week. I said it last week I will say it again, this Broncos defense is legit and looks to have a ceiling that is as high as the one that carried Peyton Manning off into the sunset.

My concern, is what happens when their defense has a bad game and they then have to rely on Trevor Siemian? It will eventually cost them…I think.

5) New England Patriots (Last week: 7 = +2)

Trust me, this upward trend in the rankings was not because of what the Patriots did to beat the Buccaneers. In fact, as I stated on Friday’s show, I would feel worse about New England after that game compared to before.

Their defensive struggles aren’t going any where and more importantly, Tom Brady — who reportedly suffered an AC joint sprain in his non-throwing shoulder — isn’t going to last the season if the offensive line continues their pathetic ways. Still, their immense about of talent and coaching puts them in they top five…barley.

Rest of my top 10:

6) Philadelphia Eagles (Last week: 9 = +3)

7) Carolina Panthers (Last week: NR)

8) Detroit Lions (Last week: 5 = -2)

9) Seattle Seahawks (Last week: NR)

10) Washington Redskins (Last week: 10 = E)

-Article by Nick Friend

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