NFL Week 7 Power Rankings

1) Philadelphia Eagles (Last week: 6th = +5)

Listen, I get it, it looks and sounds to say wrong to say that the Eagles are the best team in football, but they are. Ranked 6th last week, everyone in front of them except the Patriots lost which has them this high up by default.

Despite falling into the first spot, there are a ton of reasons to be a confident Eagles fan right now. That was a real good team they beat in Carolina on Thursday to add to their other impressive road win against Washington. Carson Wentz looks like a top 10 quarterback with a top 10 offensive line and that is a combination that will be hard to stop. However, I still have major question marks about the sustainability of their running attack and defense.

Another measuring stick game for Philly this week against Washington for the second time in just seven weeks.

2) Kansas City Chiefs (Last week: 1st = -1)

Usually when you lose in the fashion the Chiefs did on Sunday you would drop a bit lower, but again, everyone else crapped their pants as well so they stay at number two. I have said it for weeks and I will continue to say it – What the Chiefs were doing was not sustainable and that was proved this weekend.

Kansas City’s defense was actually pretty good against Pittsburgh, but it is always a matter of time (not when) until Alex Smith and company don’t hold up their end of the bargain.

3) Carolina Panthers (Last week: 7th = +4)

They lost, but their loss wasn’t as bad as others so they get to move up. Shocking, who could have seen Cam Newton being super inconsistent? That’s what will eventually be this team’s fatal flaw just like it has been in past years. If they somehow find a way to win in spite of consistently inconsistent Cam, then they still have to overcome the lack of a true running game and a mediocre (at best) defense.

4) New England Patriots (Last week: 5th = +1)

A beneficiary of the literally everyone above them losing the Patriots move up, but week by week I continue to feel worse and worse about this team. Dropped passes, passes into triple coverage (Brady), undisciplined defense and complaining about calls summarized New England’s day. If it wasn’t for a New York Jets team that absolutely crapped their pants after realizing they were going to have a 14-0 lead heading into the half, we would be talking about the 3-3 Patriots.

If one small piece of good news can be taken away from this game for Patriots’ fans it’s that Tom Brady didn’t get killed. However, long-term issues still remain with this team that weren’t addressed by the coaching staff during a ten day layoff.


5) Pittsburgh Steelers (Last week: NR)

I get they won, but it still took incredible luck for Big Ben’s terrible pass at the end of that game not to be picked off and instead have Antonio Brown somehow catch it. Despite dominating for literally the whole entire game, Pittsburgh continued to show their holes by barley winning.

However, a win is a win. Unless you are the Steelers and in the most Steelers fashion possible, it is leaked out after the game that Martavis Bryant wants to be traded. Leave it to Pittsburgh because no matter how good things seem to be going, they will still find a distraction.

The rest of my top 10:

6) Washington Redskins (Last week: 10th = +4)

7) Los Angeles Rams (Last week: NR)

8) Denver Broncos (Last week: 4th = -4)

9) Minnesota Vikings (Last week: NR)

10) Atlanta Falcons (Last week: 2nd = -8)

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Tomorrow: The SWN Show and podcast

-Article by Nick Friend 


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