Five quick-hit thoughts – Wild Card Weekend – Titans/Chiefs and Falcons/Rams

1) Chiefs are gonna Chief

I mean what can you even say at this point? At the end of the day the Chiefs are going to Chief…hard. Since the 2014 season this team is guaranteed to go on some long winning streak that has people buying in on them left and right. Just for them to disappoint in the regular season and postseason. There is a reason they haven’t won a postseason home game since Joe Montana was their QB in 1994.

And sure enough, yet again people were failing for the trap that is the Chiefs after hot start today:

And sure enough, like clock work, the Andy Reid and Alex Smith duo vomited all over themselves yet again. Smith is probably going to be traded in the offseason (according to ESPN) and rightfully so, but Reid’s job should also be considered. How do you run the league’s lead rusher, Kareem Hunt, just eleven times when he averaged nearly four yards per carry when you actually gave him the ball?

Now I mean, Terek Hill dropping the ball three times doesn’t help either, but no points in the second half for that offense even without Kelce is inexcusable. Just 56 yards in the second half? I could go on and on like I will in tomorrow and Monday’s show, but this is flat out inexcusable and yet seemingly unsurprisingly which should tell you all you need to know about this Chiefs.

2) Falcons don’t blow it…this time

Listen, I picked the Falcons to lose coming into this game and was admittedly very surprised by their win today. I did not expect their defense to perform the way they did today (and all season long) against what had been a high-powered Rams’ offense. Their defensive coordinator, Marquand Manuel, deserves a ton of credit because this is not the most talent team. And while we are on the role of giving credit where credit is due, Matt Ryan was impressive today.

Now, with that said, I have a hard time putting a whole lot of faith in the Falcons, but they are going to face a very beatable Wentz-less Eagles team in the next round. All of a sudden, for this less-impressive-than-last-year Falcons team, it is very plausible that they could find themselves in the NFC Championship game before we know it.

3) Rams youth and inexperience shows

I picked the Rams coming into this game and my only concern was their youth and inexperience at three major spots: head coach, quarterback and running back. It showed…big time. Jared Goff really settled in as the game went along, but showed nerves early on which played a hand in Atlanta jumping out to the big lead that they did.

The big issue here was that it wasn’t just the previous big trio that I talked about that lacked experience, it was the whole team. Only three starters being in a playoff game previously showed, and…they flat out just got beat. They stuck to their guns and flat out got beat. Atlanta deserves a big tip of the cap.

4) Titans to be embarrassed

Tennesse will play the Patriots or Steelers depending on what happens in the Bills vs Jaguars game tomorrow, but let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter. The Titans were given chance after chance after chance despite shooting themselves in the foot time and time again. But nothing like a Chiefs pill to save the cat with nine lives, huh? Marcus Mariota certainly looked better, but still made another mind-numbing interception and that secondary isn’t going to fair well against New England or Pittsburgh. I mean what will the line be in Vegas? 14? 17?

Let me be clear, they deserve credit for getting this far after how they looked just weeks ago…sorta…but not much.

5) Jobs saved and lost

Despite it being the playoffs, jobs were on the line for teams that have high expectations (*cough* Bengals *cough*). As previously mentioned, Alex Smith probably lost his today after yet another disappointing playoff lost in favor of the rookie Patrick Mahomes.

On the other side of the field, Mike Mularkey was reportedly coaching for his job today and his team’s comeback probably saved his job. But, it shouldn’t. Yes, I said it, it shouldn’t. With the way the Titans played to start that game and the lack of development from Marcus Mariota (on top of a long list of other reasons) he should be fired if his team gets embarrassed next week like I expect.


-Article by Nick Friend

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