I am SUPER excited to announce that Sports with Nick is going to have its own radio show starting this Sunday (Jan. 23) from 8-9 AM ET on VIC Radio – Ithaca College’s radio station and ranked number six in college radio stations in the country! This show will be hosted on a bi-weekly basis and can be listen to every time on and will be streaming LIVE on Twitter (@nickfriend24//@sportswithnickn) and Facebook (Sports with Nick).

I will be getting as much engagement from YOU as possible including LIVE Twitter and Facebook questions/comments response and call-ins: (607) 274-1059.

There will be more announcements and information when it comes to this in the very near future.

For now, I just wanted to say I can’t believe this opportunity has come at such a young age and I am incredibly humbled and thankful. It is crazy to think this crazy idea back in October of 2013 has turned into a radio show.

Thank you to YOU for your support over the past four plus years and to everyone — including amazing friends and family — who have supported me.

See you on the radio?! Yup…

-Founder, host and editor: Nick Friend


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