REACTION – Eagles UPSET the Patriots. Five quick-hit reactions – Article

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1) Eagles fans – I’m sorry

No really, I am sorry. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Your team proved they shouldn’t have been underdogs week after week and pulled off another “upset” over the best team of all time.

2) Eagles deserve a ton of credit

I mean really. Yes, their defense wasn’t great, in fact it was bad. But they made the big striped fumble when they needed it and barley (but still did it) kept Brady out of the end zone on the last drive.

But their offense, man their offense was really impressive. Nick Files, LeGarrette Blount, Jay Ajayi, Corey Clement, Nelson Agholor, Alshon Jeffery, Zach Ertz and Torrey Smith all made pivotal contribution at pivotal times. If you told me Philly would score 41 points coming into this game, I would have thought you were drinking green cooled. Instead, you were drinking truth juice.

3) Defense is a no show

This was an incredibly coached game offensively….defensively this might lose some people their jobs because neither of these offenses are great; they’re good, not great.

Nick Foles was great in this game…yes Foles was great, not even good, in a Super Bowl game in 2018 and this Eagles offense got big contributions from pretty much everyone top to bottom.

Now with that said, the Patriots defense flat out did not do enough and that might be the biggest understatement I’ve ever said. They only forced one punt, didn’t earn a single sack and got picked apart all the way around.

I’m sure Detroit Lions fans are thrilled to have Matt Patricia coming their way because Bill may have fired him after this game anyway…and I only say that half jokingly.

4) Tom Brady can only do so much

The Eagles allowed the most points by a Super Bowl winner…ever, Tom Brady threw for the most yards in a Super Bowl…ever, but it was just too much for the G.O.A.T. who literally may have just played the best game of any QB in the big game…you guessed it, ever.

For once, the Patriots made too many mistakes not the team they were playing against.

5) Records, records and more records

This was the greatest offensive Super Bowl game off all time and the worst defensive Super Bowl game ever…PERIOD. The two teams combined for the most yards — 1,151 — in Super Bowl history, there was more passes to QBs (two) than punts (one), Tom Brady threw for more yards (505) than any other QB ever in Super Bowl history, he also broke the record for the most 20+ yards passing in the big game and 33 points was the most points given up by the winning team ever. Need more? I’ll stop there…till tomorrow’s show.

-Article by Nick Friend

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