Article: My 3 ejections of the week

Editor’s note: I’m starting a new series that includes me writing! I will alternate weeks between my “3 ejections” and “3 All-Stars” of the week. These will be posted every Sunday.

This week we start with my ejections, return next week for my All-Stars.


1) The Giants and their fans need to stop with Odell

No really, y’all need to stop quick, fast and in a hurry. The disrespect that has been thrown in Odell’s direction this week is insane to me.

I want to preface this by saying, I have been one of Odell’s harshest critics at times and have zero problem with the stern warnings the owner, John Mara, sent earlier in the week.

Howeverwhat has happened since then is flat out atrocious. Are we really talking about trading Odell Beckham Jr. for a first-round pick? Seriously? Can I remind you that we are talking about the wide receiver who has outpaced the G.O.A.T., Jerry Rice, in his first three years in this league. What I’ve heard way too often as a counter argument to this is that the Giants haven’t had much success without him, so getting rid of him can’t really hurt…can it?

The answer to that is yes! Has New York won a playoff game? No, but there is no doubt they are a significantly worse team without him than they are with him. Not only do they score almost six points less per game, their winning percentage also goes down from 44% to 30%.

Let me remind these Giants fan, many of whom have turned on Odell Beckham Jr. like there’s no tomorrow, that your team is still in win now mode; and if you are, a team with OBJ is better than without.

Let me also remind you that Odell can be a Giant for the next two years for just 24 million (8 million this year and around 16 million with the franchise tag next season) which is a complete and udder steal for him. To me, even two first-round picks might not be enough depending on where they fall in the draft.

Whatever happened to a team being ok with taking a star’s contract year-by-year?

2) Jon Gruden’s return to the NFL won’t work

Ahh yes, the coach that wants to take things back to “1998” is going to fail in his return to the NFL. No this isn’t an April Fools joke and yes I’m serious, I’m already ready to say Gruden’s return won’t work.

In the latest move in a series of transactions that might successfully take the Raiders back to 1998, Gruden cut punter Marquette King because the two reportedly weren’t getting along and King’s antics were too much for the return he was giving the team.

Really? The second best punter in the league celebrates a little bit and all of a sudden that’s too much? Or maybe it was the whole whopping $3 million they saved by cutting him.

Eventually, a team will pick up a top-of-the-league punter and make their special team significantly better as Gruden coaches a less “antic” filled punter who isn’t allowed to fun and is oh yea….is less talented too.

Now you might be thinking that I am coming to too drastic of a conclusion on Gruden’s future too early.  However, this isn’t the only asinine move he’s made this year so far. Can I remind you that for the young, youthful Marshawn Lynch, he brought in Doug Martin as his backup.

Oh, and I could go on. It’s borderline laughable. Gruden is brining in veterans and getting rid of fun faster than most retirement homes at this point.

3) NCAA basketball might be in real trouble

The news that was huge this week, but no one is addressing as so is that Darius Bazley decided to join the G-Leauge.

For those who don’t know, Bazley is a 5-star forward, 6-foot-8, previously committed to Syracuse and is ranked ninth in his class in the country. This is the young man who decided to skip college or playing overseas, for the G-League. That just doesn’t happen. In fact, a 5-star recruit joining the G-League straight out of high school has never happened.

Call me crazy, but I think this could start a trend of high school ball players avoiding the forever corrupt NCAA route. While we have seen some players decided to go overseas, they’ve been outliers not the norm or of this talent.

But we have seen an increase in players more and more willing to take alternative routes at a time when the youth are realizing that the NCAA needs them more than they need the NCAA.

And it’s almost like NCAA president, Mark Emmert, knows this:

“I personally think that there needs to be more room for individuals who want to pursue professional sports to be able to do that, particularly in basketball.”

“There needs to be the ability for a young person and his family to say, ‘You know, what I really want to do is just become a professional ballplayer.’ And they ought to be provided that opportunity if they don’t want to go to college.”

It took until 2018, but it’s about damn time.

-Article by Nick Friend — @nick.friend24

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