5 quick-hit thoughts from Wild Card Weekend

TOMORROW: Full reaction to Wild Card Weekend on the show and podcast right here on sportswithnick.com and the YouTube channel.

1) The Cowboys make me eat crow…and soap 

Yea, yea, yea, so I had a bet on the Cowboys game that did not exactly go well as you can see here:

Not going to lie, the Cowboys impressed me in this game…a lot. The Seahawks tested them and time and time again and they responded. There was a point in this game during the fourth quarter that I felt confident, yes confident, about them closing the deal.

Dak Prescott was good when it counted and at times put the team on his back. Ezekiel Elliott continues to be the best running back in the league behind an offensive line that is still good, but not as good as it use to be.

On top of that, while I still do not believe this is some sort of elite defense, they do continue to prove that they are good enough to keep their team in the game and when they are on, that is enough.

Now with all this Cowboy praise out of the way, they will have a much tougher time against the Rams next week. I might have to even put another bet on it ;).

2) Eagles do it…again

I mean, really. He just did that again, huh? The Eagles just did that again huh? How many damn times is this team going to do this? Sure, they have had absolute crazy luck at times, but you have to give this team credit for putting themselves in a position to win time and time again. While I feel absolutely terrible for the city of Chicago, I have a hard time feeling bad for the Bears. They had chance after chance to put this game away, and failed:

Philly should be elated. After looking dead and out halfway through this season, and having their starting QB injured yet again, they are in a Divisional playoff game. There is a reason I picked them earlier in the day. There is something about this team. There is something about that QB. Until they fail to produce the magic, I am just going to assume that they will keep on doing it.

On the flip side, the Bears have to be devastated. While this game ended in a loss to the upright and the crossbar, they had many chances before that to win this game and failed.

3) Ravens and Chargers performances are inexcusable

By the end of this game both teams had me wanting to pull my hair out. From the Ravens side of things, Lamar Jackson just can not play the way he did. Plain and simple. Yes, there was some questionable play calling by his team, but Jackson could not have a below average day and he did. Especially on a day when their defense held the Chargers to 23 points and on a day when it could have been a lot more had they not held them to so many field goals.

For the Chargers, if you are going to be a Super Bowl threat, like I thought you could be, you can not have this type of performance. Their defense was overall stellar like I thought they would be and proved why they are one of the best in the league…until the final 10 minutes. On the offensively ends: A) You can not settle for as many field goals as they did, even against a good defense. B) They played not to lose in the second half and that killed them.

I still think this team has a ton of potential. Like Super Bowl potential. But if they perform like this again, well I’ll just let their coach, Anthony Lynn, say it:

4) Colts DESTROY Texans

I thought this game would be close, and if you didn’t watch don’t let the final score fool you, the Colts dominated. This was inexcusable by the Texans in every way possible. They played way too sloppy, had 87 yards of bone-headed penalties, and looked like they were booking their damn offseason vacations by the second quarter.

Frank Reich was right (pun absolutely intended) all game long and coached circles around Bill O’Brien all game long. Sure, just run a screen with Watson as your quarterback every single third down. Sure, just keep blitzing when Luck is picking that part. He failed to make adjustment and failed his team.

The Colts are the hottest team in the NFL. They have one loss since week 7 and if you don’t think they are a real threat to the Kansas City Chiefs next Saturday, you don’t know this year’s Colts. But they have to perform offensively like they did in the first half, not the second because at this point, we know their defense is going to show up.

5) Divisional Round matchups look amazing

I don’t know how you can look at the schedule for next weekend and not be pumped if you are fan of the NFL or football in general. Things get started on Saturday with Colts vs Chiefs (should be amazing) followed up by Cowboys vs Rams (Dallas always makes things interesting). Then on Sunday we get Chargers vs Patriots (super intriguing) followed by Eagles vs Saints.

Tomorrow: Full reaction to Wild Card Weekend on the show and podcast right here on sportswithnick.com and the YouTube channel.

-Story by Nick Friend

Twitter: @NickFriend24

Instagram: @nick.friend24

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv7g0dUHBjifivqN5tysWMQ

Snapchat: nickfriend24

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