NFL Week 6 Power Rankings

1) Kansas City Chiefs (Last week: 1 = E) I know, and any educated football fan knows, that this isn't sustainable. And trust me, I get it, it is really tempting to buy into this team because the fit the... Continue Reading →


Sunday Press Conference Week 5 – Ten thoughts from Sunday’s games

1) Aaron Rodgers is preposterous I don't know if people really understand what they are witnessing. Do you? What quarterback has their opponent trailing with ten minutes left in the game and has that team thinking about running down the clock?... Continue Reading →

NFL Week 5 Power Rankings

1) Kansas City Chiefs (Last week: 2nd = +1) I literally can not stand putting the Chiefs a top of this list because I know it is only a matter of time until they let me and everyone else down.... Continue Reading →

NFL Week 4 Power Rankings

1) Atlanta Falcons (Last week: 2nd = +1) As I wrote in my NFC season preview and prediction article, I thought the Falcons would experience some Super Bowl hangover while still winning the division. Well, it is time to officially... Continue Reading →

Sunday Press Conference Week 3 – Ten thoughts from Sunday’s games

1) Giants are done and for good reasons First and foremost, this is a big stepping-stone win for the Eagles. The Giants did not deserve to win this game because of the same two people that got them to 0-2: Eli Manning and Ben... Continue Reading →

NFL Week 3 Power Rankings

1) Oakland Raiders (Last week: 3rd = +2)  My concern remains in their secondary which will still remain largely untested for a while so for now, they stand atop. No really, they are the best team in football right now.... Continue Reading →

Sunday Press Conference Week 2 – Ten thoughts from Sunday’s games

1) Cowboys dominated to the core 35-10, that how much the Cowboys got outscored after the Broncos scored before the delay and Dak Prescott came back and hit Dez with a back-shoulder fade. At the time, I thought the young-duo... Continue Reading →

My NFL Week 2 Power Rankings

1) New England Patriots I get this might surprise a lot of you, but if I were to ask you, 'Who is the team to beat?' most of you would say the Patriots. With their loss we went from a... Continue Reading →

Sunday Press Conference Week 1 – Ten thoughts from Sunday’s games

This is the debut of a new weekly feature called 'Sunday Press Conference.' These articles will have ten thoughts from that week's Sunday's games released right after 'Sunday Night Football' has wrapped up. Enjoy! 1) My Super Bowl pick doesn't look good I predicted... Continue Reading →

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