Article: My 3 ejections of the week

Editor's note: I'm starting a new series that includes me writing! I will alternate weeks between my "3 ejections" and "3 All-Stars" of the week. These will be posted every Sunday. This week we start with my ejections, return next week... Continue Reading →


REACTION – Eagles UPSET the Patriots. Five quick-hit reactions – Article

Full reaction on tomorrow's Sports with Nick show and podcast -- released by 1 PM ET. 1) Eagles fans - I'm sorry No really, I am sorry. I couldn't have been more wrong. Your team proved they shouldn't have been underdogs week... Continue Reading →

SWN Radio Show debuts tomorrow!

Hey all! The Sports with Nick radio show (yes...really) makes its debut tomorrow (Jan. 28) from 8-9 AM ET. If you have supported me at all over the past 4+ years, it would mean the world to me if you listened.... Continue Reading →


I am SUPER excited to announce that Sports with Nick is going to have its own radio show starting this Sunday (Jan. 23) from 8-9 AM ET on VIC Radio - Ithaca College's radio station and ranked number six in college radio stations... Continue Reading →

Five quick-hit thoughts – Wild Card Weekend – Bills/Jaguars and Panthers/Saints

FULL reaction to Wild Card Weekend on tomorrow's show and podcast. 1) Saints are becoming scary I mean really, I said coming into this game that their offense might be unstoppable and this did nothing to shake my confidence in that. They didn't... Continue Reading →

Five quick-hit thoughts – Wild Card Weekend – Titans/Chiefs and Falcons/Rams

1) Chiefs are gonna Chief I mean what can you even say at this point? At the end of the day the Chiefs are going to Chief...hard. Since the 2014 season this team is guaranteed to go on some long... Continue Reading →

NFL Super Bowl Odds – Wild Card Edition

Note: This is not a Power Rankings article. This is listing what teams have the best chance at winning the Super Bowl. 1) New England Patriots Is there really any debate here? They are the heavy Super Bowl favorites for a reason - they... Continue Reading →

NFL Week 17 Power Rankings

1) New England Patriots (Last week: 1 = E) They did what everyone expected them to do at the end of the day against the Bills. However, the main concern that has been brewing for several weeks now is the... Continue Reading →

Sunday Press Conference Week 16 – Ten thoughts from Sunday’s games

1) The Cowboys do it...again. Seahawks prove what they are I mean seriously, could you have more of a Cowboys game than this? This tweet of mine pretty much sums up my thoughts: The Cowboys had chance, after chance, after... Continue Reading →

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