Have a problem with how the league handled the Elliott suspension? – Video Already released today: Podcast Tomorrow: An off day because of my birthday! YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – @sportswithnickn Email –


Zeke Elliott/Roger Goodell. Plus, is Steph Curry a top-10 player? And Dak Prescott – Podcast

AUDIO: VIDEO: 0:37 - Have a problem with Goodell being hands-off in the Elliott investigation? 8:57 - The latest Cleveland news 14:47 - Is Steph Curry a top-10 NBA player? 20:30 - LET’S KEEP IT 100: We will learn a ton about... Continue Reading →

Yes, the NFL got it right with Ezekiel Elliott – Article

The majority of you think Zeke was over punished according to Twitter polls, talking to people, and seeing the media's general reaction. I know, I know, the easy thing to do is to hate on the NFL. Just admit it, you love to... Continue Reading →

Do you have a problem with more players sitting during the national anthem? – Video Still to come/already released today: Podcast and article Tomorrow: The usual podcast and video YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – @sportswithnickn Email –

Zeke Elliott’s suspension. Plus, more players sitting during the national anthem and Roger Goodell – Podcast

AUDIO: VIDEO: 0:43 - Was the NFL too harsh on Zeke Elliott? 9:46 - Can the Cowboys make the playoffs without Elliott? 16:03 - Do you have a problem with Bennett and Lynch sitting? 22:40 - LET’S KEEP IT 100: Goodell’s job is... Continue Reading →

Who should the Texans start at QB: Watson or Savage? – Video Already released today: The usual podcast Tomorrow: My usual day off…plus an additional day on Saturday. Talk to everyone Sunday! YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – @sportswithnickn Email –

Texans’ QB battle. Plus, Zach Randolph’s weed arrest, Le’Veon Bell, and LeBron – Podcast

AUDIO: VIDEO: 0:45 - Who should the Texans start at QB: Watson or Savage? 7:13 - Is Le’Veon hurting anyone by continuing his holdout? 11:56 - Is Randolph's arrest a big deal? 18:59 - LET'S KEEP IT 100: LeBron loves to cause drama Still... Continue Reading →

REPLAY – LIVE show from 8-9: Football vs school, Mayweather/McGregor, LeBron, and more Still to come today: Article Tomorrow: Podcast and video YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – @sportswithnickn Email –

Football vs school. Plus, Mayweather’s comments, the NBA’s schedule, and Colin Kapernick – Podcast

AUDIO: VIDEO: 0:37 - Reaction to Floyd Mayweather's comments 5:19 - Football vs school - Reaction to Josh Rosen's comments 11:51 - Are NBA's players going to rest less after schedule changes? 16:58 - LET’S KEEP IT 100: Kaepernick isn’t being blackballed Still to... Continue Reading →

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