Cavs making moves? Plus the NBA MVP, Kevin Love, and the Saints Super Bowl chances – Podcast

AUDIO: VIDEO: 0:34 - What move makes the most sense for Cleveland? 4:38 - Who should win the NBA MVP? 9:40 - Should a team rebuilding want Kevin Love? 14:49 - Are the Saints really a Super Bowl contender... Continue Reading →


Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, the NBA’s worst, NFL MVP, and the Patriots are the Warriors? – Podcast

AUDIO: VIDEO: 0:44 - Should Chris Paul and Blake Griffin leave the Clippers? 5:10 - Who had the worst weekend in the NBA? 10:07 - Who should be favored to win the NFL MVP? 14:00 - Are the Patriots... Continue Reading →

Is Phil Jackson serious? Plus the Cavs issues, NBA Draft, Derek Carr, and the Rockets – Podcast

AUDIO: VIDEO: 0:45 - Phil Jackson's comments on Porzingis 7:03 - Cleveland a spot to avoid? 11:54 - What team is under the most pressure heading into tonight's NBA Draft 16:45 - Is Derek Carr the best young QB... Continue Reading →

Warriors an issue for the NBA? Plus LeBron, Durant, and Odell Beckham talk – Podcast

AUDIO: VIDEO: 0:34 - Is the NBA in trouble because of the Warriors' greatness? 6:02 - LeBron's comments on super teams 11:12 - Does the Warriors winning in decisive fashion make Durant's move look better or worse? 15:26 -... Continue Reading →

Previewing NBA Finals game 3, Colin Kaepernick, and disturbing MLB comments – Podcast

AUDIO: Video: 0:40 - Do the Cavs have a chance tonight? 7:15 - If I was an NFL owner would I sign Colin Kaepernick 14:01 - Reaction to disturbing MLB comments Still to come today: Article up 10-15 minutes after the... Continue Reading →

NBA Finals, Tom Brady, Lonzo Ball, NHL Stanley Cup Finals – Podcast

AUDIO: Video: 0:35 - Are the Cavs accepting their fate? 7:45 - Did Tom Brady cross the line? 13:35 - Did the 76ers just make a mistake with their Lonzo Ball comments? 17:57 - Do the Predators still have a... Continue Reading →

Who’s under more pressure for the NBA Finals? Plus Harper vs Strickland, Stanley Cup, Tiger Woods, and more – Podcast

Audio:  Video: 0:28 - Who has more pressure on them heading into the NBA Finals? 6:52 - Did MLB get the Harper/Strickland suspensions right? 12:06 - Why is Kaepernick still unemployed? 16:04 - What is happening to Tiger Woods?... Continue Reading →

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