The Raiders’ win + Lonzo’s debut + Thunder’s debut + Dodgers to the World Series + Yankees/Astros + and more – Podcast

0:40 - Reaction the Raiders' crazy win over the Chiefs 4:58 - The Thunder's debut 8:47 - Lonzo Ball's debut 12:47 - The Dodgers advancing to the World Series 13:55 - What is the future of the Cubs 17:50 -... Continue Reading →


Bad Chiefs or good Raiders? Plus, Lonzo Ball’s debut, the Thunder’s debut, the Cubs’ future, and more – SWN Show Still to come today: Podcast Tomorrow: The Sunday Football Preview Show and the Sunday Press Conference article with 10 thoughts on Sunday's games YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – @sportswithnickn Email –

Takeaways from the NBA openers, a ton of NFL talk, and MLB postseason thoughts – Podcast

0:48 - Five takeaways from the NBA's opening games 8:53 - Is there a best team in the NFL? 13:05 - The Yankees beating the Astros 16:27 - Cubs vs Dodgers 18:33 - ESPN's QB player poll 22:37 - Reaction... Continue Reading →

Biggest threat to the Cavs in the East? Plus, who’s the best NFL team? And MLB talk – SWN Show Still to come today: Podcast Tomorrow: The SWN Show and podcast YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – @sportswithnickn Email –

NFL Week 7 Power Rankings

1) Philadelphia Eagles (Last week: 6th = +5) Listen, I get it, it looks and sounds to say wrong to say that the Eagles are the best team in football, but they are. Ranked 6th last week, everyone in front... Continue Reading →

Is NFL parity good? Plus, previewing the NBA season with predictions – SWN Show   Still to come today: NBA preview podcast and NFL week 7 Power Rankings Tomorrow: The SWN Show and podcast YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – @sportswithnickn Email –

FULL reaction to NFL week 6: Packers, Patriots, Raiders, Giants, Falcons, Steelers, and more – Podcast

0:31 - Three winners from NFL week 6 3:47 - Three losers from NFL week 6 7:36 - How far can the Packers get without Aaron Rodgers? 10:08 - Still concerned with the Patriots? 15:12 - Hope for the Giants?... Continue Reading →

Reaction to a CRAZY week 6 in the NFL – Aaron Rodgers, Patriots, Falcons, and more – SWN Show Still to come today: The podcast Tomorrow: The SWN Show and week 7 Power Rankings YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – @sportswithnickn Email –

The Sunday Football Preview Show – Predictions for every game Still to come today: The Sunday Press Conference – Ten thoughts on Sunday’s games Tomorrow: The SWN Show and podcast with reaction to NFL week 6 YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – @sportswithnickn Email –

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