Eagles + Seahawks + College Football Playoffs + Patriots drama + Chiefs debacle + Vikings + Saints + Garoppolo – Podcast

0:35 - Believe that the Eagles are the NFC’s best team? 4:41 - Are the Seahawks true Super Bowl contenders? 6:46 - Did the committee get it right? 8:49 - Bigger deal: Brady yelling or Gronk late hit? 10:54 -... Continue Reading →


Eagles still the best? Seahawks to the Super Bowl? Plus Patriots’ drama, College Football Playoffs, Saints and Vikings – SWN Show Still to come today: The podcast Tomorrow: The SWN Show, podcast and my NFL Power Rankings YouTube – Email – Facebook – Twitter – @sportswithnickn and @nickfriend24 Snapchat – nickfriend24 iTunes – Sports with Nick SoundCloud – Tunein – Stitcher – Acast – Continue Reading →

Week in Review Podcast

Already released today: The SWN Show Week in Review Tomorrow: The Sunday Special Show with NFL predictions and college football talk. Plus, the Sunday Press Conference article with ten thoughts on Sunday’s games YouTube – Email – Facebook – Twitter... Continue Reading →

LeBron’s best year? + College football predictions + Cowboys’ win + Tiger Woods – Podcast

0:40 - Should Cowboy fans feel optimism after their win? 3:42 - Predictions for College Football Championship weekend 7:50 - Is LeBron really on track to have his best season? 10:53 - Is Tiger Woods back? Already released today: The SWN... Continue Reading →

Zeke Elliott’s suspension + Eagles + Yankees/Astros + NBA Superteams + More – Podcast

Already released: SWN Show Tomorrow: My one off day. See everyone on Sunday for the Sunday Special and Press Conference! YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – @sportswithnickn Email –

Three winners/losers from week one of the NFL, college football talk, and more – Podcast

0:29 - Reaction to the Cowboys beating the Giants 6:29 - If Odell Beckham played, would New York have won? 8:34 - Three winners from week one 14:34 - Three losers from week one 20:14 - Baker Mayfield Already released... Continue Reading →

Is Jay Cutler the best fit? Plus, Tom Brady’s concussion, Mike Tomlin’s extension, and gay slurs in sports – Podcast

AUDIO: VIDEO: 0:51 - Is Jay Cutler the best fit for the Dolphins? 8:23 - Is it people’s business to hear about Brady’s potential concussion? 13:47 - Did Mike Tomlin deserve an extension? 19:17 - LET’S KEEP IT 100: It's time for us to... Continue Reading →

Die on the football field? Plus, Lauren Russell joins to discuss: Odell Beckham, LaVar Ball, NFL’s future, and more – Podcast

AUDIO: VIDEO: 0:39 - Is criticism of Jamal Adams' comment deserved? 7:19 - Lauren Russell joins the show to discuss: Adams' comment, LaVar Ball, LeBron drama, Odell Beckham Jr, New York Yankees and more 22:26 - LET’S KEEP IT 100: The... Continue Reading →

Is game five a must win for the Warriors? Reaction to Pittsburgh winning the Stanley Cup – Podcast

AUDIO: VIDEO: 0:34 - Is game five a must win for the Warriors? 6:39 - Who is the one player that could ruin this for Golden State? 11:40 - What does Pittsburgh Stanley Cup Finals win prove? YouTube... Continue Reading →

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