Is Jay Cutler the best fit? Plus, Tom Brady’s concussion, Mike Tomlin’s extension, and gay slurs in sports – Podcast

AUDIO: VIDEO: 0:51 - Is Jay Cutler the best fit for the Dolphins? 8:23 - Is it people’s business to hear about Brady’s potential concussion? 13:47 - Did Mike Tomlin deserve an extension? 19:17 - LET’S KEEP IT 100: It's time for us to... Continue Reading →


Die on the football field? Plus, Lauren Russell joins to discuss: Odell Beckham, LaVar Ball, NFL’s future, and more – Podcast

AUDIO: VIDEO: 0:39 - Is criticism of Jamal Adams' comment deserved? 7:19 - Lauren Russell joins the show to discuss: Adams' comment, LaVar Ball, LeBron drama, Odell Beckham Jr, New York Yankees and more 22:26 - LET’S KEEP IT 100: The... Continue Reading →

Is game five a must win for the Warriors? Reaction to Pittsburgh winning the Stanley Cup – Podcast

AUDIO: VIDEO: 0:34 - Is game five a must win for the Warriors? 6:39 - Who is the one player that could ruin this for Golden State? 11:40 - What does Pittsburgh Stanley Cup Finals win prove? YouTube... Continue Reading →

Who wins game six of the Stanley Cup Finals? – Video Tomorrow: Podcast, article, and video YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – @sportswithnickn Email –

Previewing game four of the NBA Finals and reacting to game five of the NHL Finals – Podcast

AUDIO: Video: There was an error while recording this video so unfortunately it is only audio today. Sorry for the inconvenience. 0:28 - What do the Cavs need to do to beat the Warriors tonight? 6:30 - If the Warriors... Continue Reading →

NBA Finals game three reaction. Plus, NHL Finals game five preview – Podcast

AUDIO: Video: 0:37 - More about the Warriors' greatness or the Cavs' collapse? 14:31 - Is this game going to leave a bigger impact on the legacy of Durant or LeBron? 20:12 - Who is going to win game... Continue Reading →

Why the Warriors are good for the NBA. Plus, NBA Finals and NHL Finals talk – Podcast

AUDIO: Video: Coming ASAP Tomorrow: LIVE show on the YouTube channel (1-2 PM EST), an article reacting to game 4 of the NBA Finals, and a podcast YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – @sportswithnickn Email –

Three things I learned from the weekend – Article

1) Greatness impacts our view of really, really good We often fail to appreciate what we are witnessing in the moment and that is no different with Golden State. The Warriors are going to be put in the 'best team of All-Time'... Continue Reading →

NBA Finals: Series over? Durant better than LeBron? Plus, NHL Stanley Cup Finals preview – Podcast

Audio: Video: 0:57 - Is the NBA Finals over? 10:57 - Is Durant better than LeBron? 14:23 - How big is MLB's issues? 18:59 - Previewing game four of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals tonight Stil to come today: Video... Continue Reading →

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