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Do you have a problem with more players sitting during the national anthem? – Video Still to come/already released today: Podcast and article Tomorrow: The usual podcast and video YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – @sportswithnickn Email –


Football and college aren’t meant together? – Article

UCLA quarterback, Josh Rosen, made headlines when he told Bleacher Report the following: "Look, football and school don't go together. They just don't." This has led to a lot of people coming out with strong comments against this narrative today.... Continue Reading →

REPLAY – LIVE show from 8-9: Football vs school, Mayweather/McGregor, LeBron, and more Still to come today: Article Tomorrow: Podcast and video YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – @sportswithnickn Email –

Football vs school. Plus, Mayweather’s comments, the NBA’s schedule, and Colin Kapernick – Podcast

AUDIO: VIDEO: 0:37 - Reaction to Floyd Mayweather's comments 5:19 - Football vs school - Reaction to Josh Rosen's comments 11:51 - Are NBA's players going to rest less after schedule changes? 16:58 - LET’S KEEP IT 100: Kaepernick isn’t being blackballed Still to... Continue Reading →

Is Jay Cutler the best fit? Plus, Tom Brady’s concussion, Mike Tomlin’s extension, and gay slurs in sports – Podcast

AUDIO: VIDEO: 0:51 - Is Jay Cutler the best fit for the Dolphins? 8:23 - Is it people’s business to hear about Brady’s potential concussion? 13:47 - Did Mike Tomlin deserve an extension? 19:17 - LET’S KEEP IT 100: It's time for us to... Continue Reading →

LeBron James drama. Plus Colin Kaepernick, the Steelers’ Super Bowl chances, and LaVar vs female ref – Podcast

AUDIO: VIDEO: Still to come today: Video and article Tomorrow: Podcast and video YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – @sportswithnickn Email –

Kyrie Irving, Cleveland’s disfunction, and blaming LeBron. Plus, Jerry Jones on Zeke Elliott and Jordon Spieth’s win – Podcast

AUDIO: VIDEO: 0:34 - Is Kyrie's trade request more about Cleveland's disfunction or Irving's immaturity 6:26 - How much does LeBron and his social media history play into this? 12:03 - Who is more to blame: Jerry Jones or... Continue Reading →

Kyrie Irving wants out. Plus LeBron James future, OJ Simpson’s parole decision, and John Wall’s extension – Podcast

AUDIO: VIDEO: 0:53 - Would Irving be making a mistake if he leaves Cleveland? 11:00 - What does this move say about LeBron? 14:44 - What did we learn from OJ Simpson's parole hearing? 19:48 - LET'S KEEP IT... Continue Reading →

The Cowboys hurting themselves? Plus Mayweather vs McGregor, the Knicks, and the NBA Summer League – Podcast

AUDIO: VIDEO: Still to come today: Video Tomorrow: LIVE stream from 10-NOON ET on the YouTube channel and the 'Sunday Special' podcast YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – @sportswithnickn Email –

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