Warriors-Rockets done? + Curry’s disrespect? + Cavs-Cs + Julio Jones contract + Manziel + Vegas Knights + Lakers ‘untouchables’ + more NBA – Podcast

Topics: More about the Warriors greatness or Rockets struggles? Do you have a problem with Curry’s shimmy? Just a one game thing for the Cs or will Cavs take control? Which rookie would you start an NBA franchise with? Think... Continue Reading →


More Patriots-Brady drama + a TON of NBA talk: Can the Cavs beat the Raptors? + Celtics over 76ers + MLB’s big issue + more – Podcast

Topics: Just an off night for the 76ers or a sign of things to come? Will Brady’s comments impact the Patriots upcoming season? Have the Cowboys done enough this offseason? Should the Giants have traded down? Who wins this series:... Continue Reading →

NBA Playoff podcast: LeBron + Cavs + 76ers-Celtics + Final odds + Warriors + Rockets + NFL Draft talk

Topics: More about LeBron’s greatness or the Pacers inexperience? How concerned are you about LeBron moving forward? Is a Warriors-Rockets West Finals inevitable? Who wins this series: Philly or Boston? Are these NBA playoff odds disrespectful or just right? Who... Continue Reading →

FULL NFL Draft reaction podcast: 3 winners/losers + Browns/Giants make mistakes? + QB mayhem + what we learned + some NBA talk

Topics: Who won/lost the top of the draft: Browns, Giants or Jets? Who were the winners and losers from the first round? Who drafted the best QB situation? What did we learn about the NFL during the draft? Have a... Continue Reading →

NFL Draft predictions + LeBron’s greatness + the Cavs struggles + Ball family moves out + Thunder + CBB changes + more – Podcast

Topics: More impressed by LeBron or concerned about the Cavs? Thunder win — Just a game or a sign of a comeback? How will/should the top of the NFL Draft fall tonight? Did Dez make a mistake by turning down... Continue Reading →

76ers advance + Warriors-Pelicans – A challenge for Golden State? + Josh Rosen’s attitude + Cavs-Pacers + Celtics-Bucks + Gronk’s future + more – Podcast

Topics: 76ers advance — Does this already make ‘The Process’ a success? Is this actually tough matchup 2nd round matchup or the Warriors? What must change going forward in San Antonio this offseason? Impressed by the Celtics or disappointed in... Continue Reading →

A Thunders RANT + Rockets + Kaepernick returning? + NFL draft boards: Giants and Browns + Brady’s future + more – Podcast

Topics: More about good Thunder or bad Jazz? Impressed by the Rockets or just inferior competition? KD likes anti-Westbrook comment — Believe this was just an innocent mistake? Is Embiid right about the 76ers? Who should the Browns and Giants... Continue Reading →

Cavs-Pacers + Warriors lose to Spurs + Patriots drama real or fake? + Celtics + Raptors + Pelicans-Trailblazers + 76ers + more – Podcast

Topics: More optimism or pause for concern after Cavs win? Warriors lose to the Spurs — Just one game, or signs of things to come? Bigger deal: Celtics or Raptors blown lead? Who wins tonight’s NBA playoff games? Patriots drama... Continue Reading →

NBA playoff reaction + Dez traded + Saquon Barkley/the Giants + Gronk’s future + Jackie Robinson day + more – Podcast

Topics: What are you biggest takeaways from the first NBA playoffs weekend? Are you still picking this Cavs team over the East? Like, love or hate Draymond’s comments? What in the world is going on in the Kawhi-Spurs dilemma? Did... Continue Reading →

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