REPLAY: LIVE show from 6-21 – Lakers, LeBron, Dwight Howard, Bulls, NY Knicks, and Celtics Tomorrow: Podcast, video, and an article reacting to the NBA draft YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – @sportswithnickn Email –


Are the Lakers contenders again? Plus Lebron to LA, the NY Knicks, and Dwight Howard – Podcast

AUDIO: Video: 0:29 - How close are the Lakers to becoming contenders again? 6:01 - Is LeBron to LA becoming more and more likely? 11:01 - Are the Knicks really about to trade Porzingis? 16:47 - What does the... Continue Reading →

What in the world is going on with the Cleveland Cavaliers? – Video Tomorrow: Podcast, live stream on the YouTube channel from 9-10 AM ET, and article YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – @sportswithnickn Email –

What is going on in Cleveland? Plus the NY Knicks, Paul George, and Jimmy Butler – Podcast

AUDIO: Video: 0:35 - What is going on in Cleveland? 8:12 - Would the NY Knicks trading Kristaps Prozingis be a mistake? 15:10 - Who would be a better fit for the Cavs: George or Butler? Still to come... Continue Reading →

Breaking down the Paul George rumors from the Cavs, Lakers, and Pacers perspective – Article

Cleveland Cavaliers:  If you are the LeBron led Cavs who just got annihilated off the court by the Golden State Warriors, you can not stay pat. I said after they lost game five that they needed to make a major... Continue Reading →

Should the Lakers be nervous about the Cavs pursuit of Paul George? – Video Still to come today: Article Tomorrow: Podcast and video YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – @sportswithnickn Email –

Paul George to the Cavs? The Celtics and 76ers trade. Plus, Mayweather vs McGregor – Podcast

AUDIO: Video: 0:38 - Should the Lakers be concerned about the Cavs pursuit of Paul George 6:32 - Who won the 76ers and Celtics trade? 12:13 - Am I excited for the McGregor vs Mayweather fight? Still to come... Continue Reading →

Is the NBA in trouble because of the Warriors’ greatness? – Video YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – @sportswithnickn Email –

Warriors an issue for the NBA? Plus LeBron, Durant, and Odell Beckham talk – Podcast

AUDIO: VIDEO: 0:34 - Is the NBA in trouble because of the Warriors' greatness? 6:02 - LeBron's comments on super teams 11:12 - Does the Warriors winning in decisive fashion make Durant's move look better or worse? 15:26 -... Continue Reading →

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